green energy and communication

Is a division of Archigia that was created to develop activities in the field of renewable energy and sustainable transport, and for the planning of networks and communication.



from the outset has been present on the market with projects devoted to energy efficiency and to the creation of photovoltaic plants. Over the years our company has nurtured relations with the academic world, as in the case of the Politecnico di Torino, with whom we developed specific projects focusing on the creation of new high energy efficiency service stations. This was achieved through the combined use of various sustainable and alternative sources of energy.

Arc.gec is already active in the installation of recharging columns for the Be Power Group and is currently carrying out cabling work that will serve new e-charging stations in the Italian regions of Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany. In the communications sector, Archigia is able to design complex networks by engaging collaboratively with the sector’s major phone companies

At our site in Guidonia we are currently developing a green area, which will house a building designed according to state of the art criteria adopted in bio-architecture. This space will be used to host all meetings pertaining to the development of energy efficiency related activities.

Green House - work in progress


We work in partnership for the development of electric vehicle recharging infrastructures

Thanks to our partnerships with leading market specialists we have the ability to:

  • Design electric vehicle recharging systems
  • Manage authorisation processes with the competent authorities
  • Install electric recharging systems (e-charging columns) in DC and/or AC, including civil works and network connection
  • Provide a turnkey solution, from network management (white label) to system interoperability across providers, through to the supply of e-charging columns
Evisting agreements and our current operative structure:
  • Partnerships with several E-Mobility providers
  • Partnerships with an already active SW platform for client management
  • Partnerships with suppliers of e-charging columns
  • A dedicated team of architects and engineers based at our Green Farm in Guidonia
  • A team of professionals on the ground to manage authorisation applications at a local level
  • Over 30 teams present across Italy (northern, central, southern Italy and the Islands) working on installation activities
  • Three dedicated Hubs in Italy for materials management

FTTH and 5G

A centre of excellence for the development of new fibre and 5G networks

Thanks to our FTTH planning team we are able to:

  • Execute the preliminary planning and design of fibre-optic networks using Unic_RA/Hall, NGNeer development tools
  • Define PFP and PFS areas
  • Arrange for the provision of PTEs across the PFS area
  • Update/modify the infrastructures or the optical network according to data retrieved from databases (SINFI and others) and on the basis of bespoke surveys
  • Carry out executive project planning for the FTTH network
  • See the authorisation process through all stages
Numbers at a glance:
  • A team of 20 FTTH project planners based at our Green Farm headquarters in Guidonia
  • Ongoing professional development through training courses and internships arranged with leading universities and firms in the sector
  • A professional team operating across Italy to manage authorisation processes

PV Plants

Energy efficiency and large PV plants

PV systems mounted on service station canopies and large industrial roofing

  • We operate as EPC and O&M Contractors (plant installation and maintenance)
  • We execute final planning and manage authorisation applications
  • We implement connection and commissioning processes
  • We have selected a partner of choice for the provision of PV panels and inverters
  • We provide a bespoke service devised for the cleaning, maintenance and monitoring of existing photovoltaic plants
Numbers at a glance:
  • Over 100 PV plants designed and installed at service stations
  • A professional team operating across Italy to manage authorisation applications
  • Highly skilled teams dedicated to installation activities
  • Collaborations with academic institutions for the study of energy efficiency programmes designed for specific sectors
  • Drawing-up of project financing plans for the installation of PV systems on industrial warehouse roofings in need of repair

Development of 5G sites

Acquisition of surface rights for the construction of the Eco Smart Station

Thanks to our Development Team and a strong investment partnership we are able to develop and support the following activities:

  • Site search
  • Definition and acquisition of surface rights
  • Project planning and authorisation requests for the tower
  • Tower installation
  • Rental management service of tower to providers
  • Possible transfer of asset to TowerCo
Numbers at a glance:
  • Over 200 sites with surface rights identified
  • A professional team operating across Italy to manage authorisation applications
  • Partnerships for the development of minimal visual impact towers
  • Development of Smart City solutions