Over time, Archigia has developed four separate Business Units, all operating according to a shared vision

Research & Development energy efficiency projects

Archigia is active in researching and developing new projects and initiatives with a focus on design for the retail sector. This endeavour is made possible through close collaborations with Italy’s most prestigious universities.

Beginning in 2012, with the sponsorship of Rome City Council and the Italian Oil Union (Unione Petrolifera), we initiated a wide collaboration involving the Department of Industrial Design in Rome and the Faculty of Architecture – Rome University La Sapienza, to develop new designs for fuel service stations.

In collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, we fund a scholarship which enables young graduate students to research new models for service stations specifically focusing on high levels of energetic sustainability achieved through employment of renewable energy souces (photovoltaic and aeolic energies; heat pumps).

Archigia has also produced numerous photovoltaic plants for the Q8 Group.

Archigia adheres to Smart City initiatives supported by the public administration by sharing its know-how and contributing to new research and in-depth studies for the development of novel solutions in Public Interest Design.

Archigia firmly believes in research and collaboration with academic institutions. It is in this context that some of the most vibrant energies have found expression and in recent years have materialised in a number of projects, some of which have already come to fruition. Thanks to a series of conferences hosted in Rome’s Campidoglio (City Hall of Rome) with the sponsorship of the Italian Oil Union, we presented new architectural formats designed for small, medium and large-scale service stations. Themes such as visibility and shielding were explored by young graduates, who also showcased atypical architectural formats through stimulating and unconventional designs.

New designs for motorway service stations


Thanks to sponsorship from Regione Piemonte and the wise steering provided by Giacomo Orlando, coordinator of the technical group appointed by Italy’s regional councils to advise on matters relating to fuels, in recent years we have developed significant synergies with the Politecnico di Torino. Through a close collaboration with Professor Fracastoro, a dynamic academic within the Department of Energy, Polytechnic University of Turin, and sponsorship from the Italian Oil Union obtained thanks to the valuable collaboration with Dr Marina Barbanti, we were able to develop the theme of energy efficiency applied to petrol service stations. The showcased projects have contributed to invigorating the debate, and have encouraged research into new solutions in the context of Green Future activities envisaged for fueling stations.

Planning an energy self-sufficient service station

Concept Design new architectural forms

Archigia works to create original design concepts for the retail sector. The strong aesthetic sense reflected in our concepts always goes hand in hand with the greatest attention to functionality on implementation. In the context of growing needs in the field of renewable energy, our company has developed several projects with an ever increasing attention to architectural detail in the planning of new electric car charging areas, Fast Recharge stations and photovoltaic canopies and roofings.

Our long-established experience in steel canopy design has been gradually integrated with a new activity aimed at the construction and installation of external façades, canopies and building cladding in composite materials such as Alucobond®, ALbond®, Dibond®.

We avail of an AluRanger® vertical machining centre with milling plane dimensions 2.10 m x 4.20 m, which allows us to process panels in all plastic materials including Acm.


A new design concept specifically created for Sacoil, which encapsulates the power of expression of a new architectural language for fuel retail stores. The fluidity of lines requested by the client lends the service station its innovative image and serves to connect its different functions. Archigia was responsible for the final phase design, as well as the planning of engineering works, interior design and fittings and the customisation of branding elements throughout the service station.

New design for a service station in Angola


Our Saudi client requested an innovative format for his fuel retail network in Saudi Arabia. Paucity in rainfall led to the study of a new design concept that included a solar shading device for fuel distribution areas. The canopies, devised to have a palm tree effect, shield the space directly beneath them. In addition, the entire area requiring additional protection from sunlight is delineated by vertical elements which incorporate sun-shield cladding.

Designing a new chain of service stations in Saudi Arabia


This new design concept for service stations in urban areas is the fruit of a collaboration with Professor M. Bevilacqua, an architect in the Department of Industrial Design, Rome University La Sapienza. It is a testament to Archigia’s commitment to collaborative reasearch with some of the most prestigious universities. The design is characterised by a simplicity of lines accompanied by a distinctive colour scheme and brand logo, making these small-scale service stations iconic and immediately recognisable within an urban setting.

New formats for service stations in the urban areas of Rome and Milan


Regione Piemonte (the public body regulating financial matters for the Piedmont region) had asked us to put forward ideas for the creation of small charging stations for electric vehicles, to be deployed in the city of Turin. Our proposals paid particular attention to causing minimal interference with pre-existing urban architecture, placing emphasis on the transparency and moderate impact of the design being put forward. On the right, a bus station canopy developed for the City of Florence transport company. It features an illuminated advertising space powered by an integrated photovoltaic system.

New format charging station canopy


Archigia won a tender launched by Autostrade per l’Italia for the supply and installation of advertising stands, which are characteristic of a number of service stations throughout Italy’s motorway network. Within the frame, graphics and text are mounted onto ACM supports and illustrate the beauty spots and tourist attractions found within reach of the motorway exit closest to each service station.

What a wonderful country – structure installation


We were tasked by a client with the creation of innovative concepts for a petrol outlet in Palestrina. Arc Lab, Archigia’s spin off company, which brings together a number of architects including freelance professionals, proposed reworking the service station’s chromatic elements, which are ordinarily very similar throughout petrol outlets across Italy. Work in progress!

New format service stations for Nexo


The concept of re-use of materials that are discarded after each rebranding exercise has led us to propose a new concept, the aim of which is encapsulated in the word “Skin”. The retail store is given a new skin by dressing the existing structure and highlighting the design and dynamism of the new brand with the help of personalised graphics.

‘Skin’ concept for the refurbishment of existing canopy fascias

Service Provider
ed engineering solutions

Archigia is able to to provide a number of services and implements image and rebranding programmes, also employing components which are not produced in-house.

We have professional experience in the following areas:
• Surveys
• Concept design and planning
• Advertising
• Management and production of brand and image elements
• Production of reinforced concrete structures
• Paintwork
• Installation of branding elements
• Testing facility
• Closing project reports

Archigia is the sole supplier for Mercedes-Benz with a four-year contract 2017-2021 as service provider for the German group.

We engage collaboratively with architectural firms in the development of complex solutions -- a commitment which enables us to offer additional services to support designers in the final phases of project planning. Archigia also carries out field engineering activities including georadar surveying of foundation plinths, verification of structure thickness deterioration and other services for retail networks.


Archigia was selected by Mercedes-Benz Italy to manage the rebranding of over 360 car dealerships, engaging in all the activities required by our role as service providers. For a number of dealers we also carried out rebranding work on existing structures, employing ACM cladding and colour elements on the façades of those infrastructures requiring intervention.

Service Provider – Mercedes Benz Italy


In the context of maintenance work for the AdMoving Group advertising systems, Archigia carried out a number of tests throughout various exhibition areas, employing non-invasive means to gauge the static condition of structures supporting the advertising posters displayed in the service stations of Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. To this end state of the art technology was used to measure the thickness of load-bearing structures; the strength of existing foundations was tested making use of Georadars to further verify their dimensions.

Engineering solutions – Autostrade per l’Italia


Archigia has the ability to see the creation of branding elements through the complete process, from design inception to factory production. A new construction system, specifically engineered for Winxo, allowed for optimisation and reduction of costs in the production of a brand image that was originally too expensive. A firm understanding of the essential requisites in the production of a successful new brand identity, together with a knowledge of the necessary safeguards to ensure smooth maintenance and durability of the product over time, allowed Archigia to put forward a new modular system of construction, which resulted in substantial savings both in costings and production time.

Technical solutions for the construction of display elements – Winxo


In the context of two rebranding exercises, the first for ERG with over 1800 plants and, in 2019-2020, for the API Group with over 2500 service stations, Archigia devised for its clients a complete construction system comprising all the identifying elements that are required in corporate identity creation. For IP (Italiana Petroli), designs for canopy fascia, fuel price lists, and the sovrapompa were created by Archigia using thermoformed composite materials (ACM), serigraphed with shockproof methacrylate pigments. Innovative designs were used to create the price lists, which include LED messaging displays. These areas of competence, together with an in-depth knowledge of the proposed production processes, eventually led us to being selected for the supply and installation of rebranding elements for the vast majority of fuel outlets that had been identified for restyling.

Technical solutions for construction and branding and installation manuals – ERG -Totalerg – IP


At the heart of the Archigia Group lies our portal for the management of rebranding programmes: an in-house, complex software produced/designed by Res Data, which allows us to monitor the evolution of image and rebranding programmes in real time. Through the ‘real time’ function we are able to upload images of our installation work, together with progress reports pertaining to all retail outlets on which interventions are being carried out. Our clients are provided with individual passwords to access their directories, enabling them to monitor progress on different building sites. Intuitive web graphics with a red, amber, green colour scheme provide an immediate reading and visualisation of progress on ongoing processes.

Portal for the management of image and rebranding programmes – Archigia