Archigia is
experience innovation

It is the answer to an evolving global market

Archigia comprises four Business Units which operate according to a shared vision and method

  • Research and development
  • New design concepts
  • Corporate identity
  • Service provider

A group of people brought together by their passion for design

Our company premises occupy two separate sites. Administration and project planning are managed in our Rome offices in Via Asmara 10/a, where dedicated teams responsible for all commercial and project development activities are based. Our production site in Via Lago dei Tartari, Guidonia, includes a 5000 sq m indoor factory and warehousing facility, and an adjacent 2500 sq m open-air space. All logistics management and production activities are handled at this site.

about us
About us

What we do

Our mission

"At the end of the day, we’re a human capital business and people and relationships are at the heart of it all."

In today’s world you can only steer a correct course if sustainable development methods and a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment are at the heart of your journey.

What we do

Business Units

Our company has been active in the field of branding and image construction for over twenty-five years, with a significant presence in the Oil, Automotive and Large Organised Distribution sectors. Over time, four distinct Business Units have developed

Research and Development

Archigia is active in researching and developing new projects and initiatives with a focus on design for the retail sector. This endeavour is made possible through close collaborations with Italy’s most prestigious universities.

New concepts

Archigia creates new architectural concepts for the retail sector, paying specific attention to the functionality and realization of our designs.

Corporate identity

The company’s core business focus is aimed at the production and management of important brand identity programmes, offering a complete end-to-end service from initial design concepts to the installation of newly created fixtures.

Service Provider

Archigia offers a wide spectrum of services, ranging from permitting to equipment installation. We are able to address all aspects pertaining to bespoke branding and image design programmes, and our services extend to activities linked to green mobility, including fulfilment of third party requirements.

New brand image creation and construction for IP (Italiana Petroli), for over 2000 service stations


Our projects

Service Provider Mercedes-Benz Italy

Production of new image elements and installation for Q8

Safety is our priority.

Upgrades to our security systems and inspections of our building sites are currently carried out by our safety monitoring officer, so as to ensure compliance with all health & safety requirements throughout the production process and installation operations.